Achievement Goal

G R Saunders completed their three year cycle of school improvement in the 2016 school year.

We are now entering a new cycle of the Student Success Planning (SSP). SSP will be the new name for the continuous school improvement process that was in place over the last few years.

Our school staff members will be working together to review all the available data and using the information to determine the best action plans to ensure student success in the next few years. School improvement cycles have traditionally run three years but can be modified depending on the goals that are established.

As our goals and action plans are put in place, we will continually update this portion of our site to keep all our stakeholders informed of our progress and the nature of our student success goals.

In 2017/18, our improvement efforts will be focused on increasing student achievement in Language Arts and Mathematics. Within these areas of focus, we will address the Social, Emotional aspect of student life by modifying our whole school approach to behaviors and recognizing positive behaviors with gotchas and a Virtue program.