Principle's Welcome Message


Dear Students, Parents and Guardians:


On behalf of the GR Saunders Elementary School staff, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to another exciting academic year.  I am very proud to have been selected as the Principal of G R Saunders School and together, the school staff will be doing their best to ensure the students have a terrific educational experience.

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Matt Clarke back to our school as the Vice Principal. Mr. Clarke was Vice Prinipal at Walter Duggan Consolidated in Westville for two years and prior to that assignment, he was a classroom teacher with us at G R Saunders. We are also pleased to welcome Jenn Sims as our Guidance Counselor. Jennifer comes to us from her Guidance position at Frank H MacDonald and East Pictou. Also, we extend a warm welcome to Andrea Fougere who has joined our Support Team. Andrea is an EA and comes to us from NRHS.

We are also very excited about some changes that will be taking place with our play spaces outside. We have received a grant from the Aberdeen Health Authority to assist with this project. We have already moved the play eqiuipment from the front of the school to the field area. We are palnning to improve the basketball area, the pavement area and the Primary play space. There are also plans for improvements to the main field area and the addition of an outdoor classroom.

As you may have noticed, we are working to update and improve the school web site. This page will be used as another means of communicating to our families and it will be updated on a much more regular basis.

As always, the teachers and the administration are available to answer questions and address your concerns. Please feel free to contact the school to discuss any issue that you may have concerning your child.


Fraser Green

Principal, GR Saunders Elementary School