Teacher Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact the school.

Ms. Erin Cormier - Principal - CormierEL@ccrce.ca

Mr. Michael Stevenson - Vice-Principal / Physical Education - stevensonm@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Kirsten Livingstone-Duggan - Grade Primary - DugganK@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Ashley Mahar- Grade Primary-

Mrs. Erika Margeson (Mat leave for Mrs. Bell) - Grade One - RossMA@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Ashlee Bruce - Grade One - BruceAE@ccrce.ca

Mr. Dwayne Laffin - Grade Two - LaffinD@ccrce.ca

Ms Candace Morrison (Mat leave for Mrs Illsley)- Grade Two

Mrs Christene Martin-Irving- Grade Two/Three

Mrs. Tammy Kennedy-Fortune - Grade Three - Kennedy-FortuneT@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Nikki Felderhof - Grade Three - FelderhofNR@ccrce.ca

Mrs.  Allison Lynch-Kearley - Grade Four/Five - LynchKearleyA@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Kathie Horton - Grade Four - HortonK@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Angela MacLean-Stroud - Grade Five - MacLeanStroudAD@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Jennifer Dusconi - Grade Five/Six- DusconiJ@ccrce.ca

Mr. Rene Melong - Grade Six - MelongR@ccrce.ca

Ms Melinda Butler-  Grade Six- 


Mrs. Anna Gerrior-Sangster - French - Gerrior-SangsterAE@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Ann Holton-Melong - Music - HoltonL@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Jillian Kay-Aucoin - Resource- KayAucoinJ@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Carly MacKay- Resource-


Mrs. Lori Pearson - Early Literacy Support/Reading Recovery- McKeiganLA@ccrce.ca

Ms. Jennifer Sims - School Counselor - SimsJM@ccrce.ca

Mrs. Ann Dunn - School Psychologist -  DunnA@ccrce.ca

Mrs. - Speech Language Pathologist - @ccrce.ca