Student Arrival-September 8

We look forward to welcoming back our Skyhawks on Tuesday, September 8  This year we will have some changes to our arrival procedures.

1.  Students who take buses must wear a mask on the bus and sit with siblings if they have them on the bus.  

2.  Once off the busses, students leave on their masks and go to meet their teachers at the designated area on our school porperty.  A map is attached and teachers have been reaching out to their classes.  Staff other than teachers will be outside as the students arrive to help welcome and direct students.

3.  Parents who are driving their children will drop them off by the front door if using the parking lot.  Students can then go to their designated area to meet their teacher.

Please note- Schools will be limiting vistors to our schools.  Parents will not be able to accompany their students into the school.  Should parents need to speak with someone at the school, please give us a call at 755-8230 and we will assist you.