Getting your students to and from school safely is a top priority of all parents as well as our staff and the Operations Department of the School Board.  There are specific laws and policies that determine who is transported by the Board and who are walkers. First the law - The Education Act states that school boards are required to transport children who live 3.6 km or more away from the school as long as they live in the catchment area of the school.

CCRSB has set a policy for elementary aged students which states that the Board will transport elementary aged students who live 2.0 km or greater from the school and reside in the catchment area of the school.

If you live 2.0 km or greater from the school (as determined by the Board) you should expect your child will have the opportunity to take bus transportation to the school.

Bus service for our school will operate in the following process. Students who are mandatory bus students (2.0 km or greater) will be assigned a bus stop in their neighborhood. These stops are all outside the 2.0 km boundary. At these collection points students will board the bus for the school. At the end of the day students will be dropped off at the same stops where they were picked up.

If you live inside the 2.0 km. boundary but you are "close" to the line the Board is not required to provide bus service. However, if there is room on the bus and you are one of the closest families to the line for that bus stop your student may be permitted to walk to the bus stop and ride the bus to school. This service is referred to as "courtesy bussing". Courtesy bussing will not be determined until we get very close to the opening of the school but as information becomes available this web site will be updated with this information.

Parents/caregivers can contact the Transportation Foreman at the West Pictou Bus Garage

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